The Autumn term will continue via Zoom as a way of protecting our clients due to Covid 19 still being around. I decided that as we do not yet know what impact the schools etc returning will have on the infection rate and as the Zoom sessions have been going extremely well, with wonderful client feedback since lockdown, it is better to be safer than sorry with my clients' wellbeing! 


As our class sizes remain at a maximum of 12 participants per class, each class member is closely monitored at all times on a large screen so although physical "hands on" isn't possible, "eyes on" definitely is! Quality of teaching and individual attention is always maintained and it's certainly not just a case of copying what the teacher does, it's about learning about your own body and improving movement.  


Without the physical limits of the Studio, virtual classes are also a great way of doing your catch-up classes  from the comfort of your own home, should you need to miss a session.


If new clients would like to join - please just contact me by phone or email!  Then all you need to do is to download Zoom onto your laptop, iPad, desktop or phone and you're there!


I have also set up a Channel for the Studio on YouTube - which is here!  The channel will host different themed Pilates sessions where I will do the class with you and I will continue giving any teaching points that I would mention in regular class.


I am also putting up some mindful meditation and relaxation sessions as it is important the we find some space to allow the mind to relax in the current scare so these are a simple way of pushing the daily stresses out of your mind and getting you back onto an even keel.

Please visit the Channel and, if you like it, please do subscribe!



We are a friendly, caring, long established Pilates & mind-body wellness studio.  The Pilates Studio MK was founded by Caron in 2000, and offers both group and one-to-one Pilates sessions.

We have two studios based in Milton Keynes - The Pilates Mat-work Studio, situated near Woburn Sands, Buckinghamshire, at the southern end of Milton Keynes, and the Pilates large equipment studio, based near Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, at the northern end of Milton Keynes.


The body and the mind are continually interacting - the body effects the mind and the mind effects the body  so alongside Pilates mat-work and equipment sessions, tuition in Mindfulness, MBCT and Clinical Hypnotherapy are available to empower clients to a more fulfilling life. 

Then, Now & Always 

Caron's passion has always been to deliver an unsurpassed quality of teaching and mentoring leading to positive change in every one of our clients.  We strive to create an environment that promotes empowerment for each client to take control of their own physical health - be it for general fitness, healing, rehabilitation, or improving sport at a professional level.

Over the last 20 years we have built an excellent reputation working closely with orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors.  You will receive a high quality of instruction from both myself and my dedicated team - we are all highly trained professional teachers; an enthusiastic team dedicated to health and wellness.  A minimum requirement of six years Pilates teaching is required before joining the staff and all teachers are fully insured.  Caron holds extra qualifications to degree level in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. 

Due to our passion about the human form, we continue with ongoing learning, keeping up to date with the latest research into both the body and the mind and the studio regularly hosts specialist teacher training days which are lead by invited clinicians and specialists at the very top of their field.

THE PILATES STUDIO MK - nutrition for body and mind 




Caron Curragh

"Anatomical, creative, caring"

Studio Owner & Director 


My passion is keeping bodies healthy and as active, mobile and pain free as possible - no matter what the age of a client

My classes focus on strengthening the appropriate muscles, releasing areas of restriction & alignment of the body from head to toe as everything in our being is linked.  By focusing on what each individual body needs, facilitated by a deep understanding of the human structure, I love seeing the way a client's body reshapes, moves with freedom as it recodes itself.


After studying for a BA in Laban Dance at the University of London, I trained & qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2000.

I am qualified to teach both the Pilates matwork & the large studio equipment (reformer, cadillac etc.) & also have specialist qualifications in low back pain (Level 4) and osteoporosis alongside other qualifications.  


For many years I was a supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates & enjoyed nurturing numerous students on their Pilates journey, many of which joined the studio teaching once qualified.


With a huge interest in how the mind/body, body/mind interact, I am also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist and am currently studying MBCT at Oxford University. 


Please see for further details.

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