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Autumn Term

Hi Pilates friends!

After the amazing summer we had, I can't believe that we are already half-way through the Autumn term! It was so wonderful to see everyone again at the studio after the long summer break and I hope that everyone had many glorious days whether at home or away and that you managed to soak up plenty of vitamin D.

As always, we teachers have been attending various lectures and courses around the country to enhance our teaching skills, gain new knowledge and pass on new insights gained. I think my favourite was being taught in person by the amazing Katy Bowman on her trip to Europe this summer. After doing her 52 weeks training a few years back, it was great to see her in person, her humour and incredible insight into the biomechanics of the human body led to one of those training days that nobody wanted to my abs and triceps have never ached so much with such simple looking exercises but when executed correctly.......oh boy!!!!

An amazing day of learning with Katy Bowman!

Please find below a few notes regarding the studio which may be of help.

The dates for next term are as follows:

Monday 29th October through to Friday 21st December - making it an 8 week term for most classes.

*** Your teacher will advise at the first session of term if your end-of-term term dates differ.

The Monday evening classes have reverted back to a 6:30pm start and an 8pm start which will hopefully make the timings and parking easier for everyone.

For clients who attended the Pilates & Mindfulness sessions, the recordings will be available to download very soon ..... so watch this space :). With surgery, University and the USA, everything unfortunately got delayed so apologies for the lateness.

I think that is all for now and we very much look forward to seeing you next week .

Caron xxxxxx

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