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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Dear Pilates friends,

It seemed only a blink ago that the holidays were going to be here in 3.....2.....1 and then wham! In an instant, they are over so I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Xmas with some r & r time alongside the festivities. Thank you everybody for your wonderful cards & gifts - they were much appreciated!

If you feel that the two-week break from Pilates has left you feeling that a gap has emerged where you were fitness-wise in early December compared to where you are now don't worry! The studios reopen on Monday 6th January so that can soon be resolved!!

The dates for next term are Monday 6th January through Friday 14th February making it a 6 week term; just the right length to reboot our bodies back to having slick joints, vitality in our muscles and a spring in our steps!

Alongside the regular timetable, last year we introduced some new workshops into the timetable and this will continue in 2020 - it is so delightful that the enthusiasm I/we feel as teachers for all things body and mind also reverberates and has resonance with you - our Pilates soul mates.

Any missed classes from previous terms please carry over and make up at your own leisure - just click on the "matwork spaces available" tab in the menu section of the website and let me know which spaces you would like to take.

I will do a fuller newsletter later in the month but for the moment I just wanted to wish everyone an outstanding 2020 and a welcome back and a welcome to those newcomers to our Pilates community :))

With love and gratitude,

Caron xxxx

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