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News, thanks and love........

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Happy holidays to all of you amazing Pilates people!

In a few days time we move into the new year and I hope that 2018 has been a year of many wonderful moments for you to treasure, given you opportunities for personal growth and of course that everyone had a marvellous Xmas and holiday period!!

Many thanks for your kind Xmas cards and gifts, they were very much appreciated however the chocolates are now beginning to challenge the amount of st....r....etch available in my Lycra Pilates gear!

The new term officially starts on Monday 7th January continuing through to Friday 15th February. This makes it a fun-packed 6 week term, brimming with learning opportunities and restoring vitality into our bodies - so there is a bit of time left for a work out or two if your Pilates practice has waned a bit over the break and you have fallen off the wellness wagon!! NB: there are additional group matwork classes on Thursday 3rd January and Friday 4th January for those who have already prebooked.

I am excited to share that 2019 will bring some new workshops to the studio, the details will be announced later. Each one will enrich our studio ethics: that our Pilates classes are to get the body moving efficiently and correctly, to strengthen and lengthen and to enhance self care (we have never been about the Pilates "burn" or classes for the masses!). The invited workshop presenters are all passionate about their chosen field of work, are highly qualified and should leave you buzzing!

We also have a wonderful new instructor joining our teaching team in February who will a great addition and her biography will be added in the coming month.

I am sure that you have much planning to do for the new year festivities so I will keep this letter short and so I finish by saying thank you...

Thank you with all my heart to everyone for being such amazing clients this past year and Clare, Louisa, Nicky and Jane wish to say the same. Your enthusiasm in class, your willingness to listen and learn, your hardwork, your laughter all merge together to make our job one of joy :) And your ongoing loyalty really means a lot to us (many of you have been with us for almost 18 years!) and your passion makes our passion about the work so worthwhile :).

On a personal note, I would like to thank those of you who supported me through my unexpected breast surgery this year and also a few heart blips!

I also give my profound ongoing thanks to Clare, Louisa, Nicky and Jane for being such incredible, informed and inspiring teachers - I count myself lucky having such an amazing team around me.

My year ends with gratitude and I look forward to seeing everyone next year!

With love, Caron xxxxxx

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