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The Pilates Studio MK - online!!

Hi everyone,

As we go in to a hopefully peaceful and relaxing Easter break, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter and to say a big thank you for your amazing support over the last three weeks!

With CoVid-19 all taking us by surprise and the physical studio having to close as a result - the Studio had to be suddenly taken in two new directions - the first being online classes via Zoom and also the creation of a YouTube Channel that will host some Pilates classes, exercise examples and also some mindfulness meditation and relaxation sessions.  Both of which, for a period, pull us back from this chaotic world to give us space to nourish, replenish and refuel ourselves.

Online Classes via Zoom

We have just completed our third week of classes and such lovely feedback tells me they are going really well!  Now that I have a 27” monitor to see you all on, I am getting a really good view of everyone so that resolves any concerns for alignment checking/seeing movement which I had previously on a smaller screen.   We have all had a few hiccups with iPhone/laptop placing but we are improving session by session.  Looking towards next term, classes will open 5~10 minutes before the scheduled start time so we can catch up and we then have a similar time at the end.

The move online has also removed the class limit size of 11 attendees so are now adding a great way of getting your catch-up classes back in!

Classes will be starting again in the week commencing Monday 20th April and full details will follow after the Easter weekend.  The only thing to note now is that the class/meeting ID numbers and passwords will all be new ones as this helps keep our classes secure.

If any clients still have not taken the jump online or are still having problems but would like to chat it through, please get in touch as after three weeks, we have dealt with almost all the technical hitches!

YouTube Channel

When classes are not happening, there is also now a YouTube Channel for the Studio which will host different themed Pilates sessions where I will do the class with you.  I will continue giving any teaching points that I would mention in regular class.

I am also putting up some mindful meditation and relaxation sessions as it is important the we find some space to allow the mind to relax in the current scare so these are a simple way of pushing the daily stresses out of your mind and getting you back onto an even keel.

Some have been finding it difficult to locate the channel - it can be found here -

I have had a few questions about how to subscribe and what that means - which I hope are answered below:

First off, the Channel is free to access so subscribe simply means that you can easily find the Channel next time you are on YouTube and you can also ask to be notified when I load up new videos.  To subscribe all you need to do is login in to YouTube.  This can either be with your Gmail account if you have one - or you can get a Google ID/account.

Information about getting a Google account can be found here -   All you do have to do to set up a Google account is to enter your name, email, the password you want to use, birthdate and location.  Google will then send a verification code to your mobile to get you online.

You do not have to subscribe but it will make it far easier to find the new classes as they are put up!  Please do email me with any requests and I will endeavour to put a session together.

What a learning curve this has been for most of us, but I hope you are enjoying our new online world as much as I am - although I do miss seeing everyone in person!

Please let me know what you think or any questions you may have - in the meantime, have a wonderful sunny Easter break and see you very soon!

With love,

Caron xx

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