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Happy Easter Holidays!

Almost the end of another term and with it at last, lovely long, light evenings and the promise of warmer, sunnier weather to come :)

I love this time of year and for me, with the coming of Spring there always comes a renewal of energy and it is magnified with seeing the beautiful blossom on the trees, the leaves unfurling and hearing the cheerful birdsong.

It also gives us the opportunity to do some Pilates outside! We know how beneficial Pilates is for us anyway but if we can add some much needed vitamin D to nourish our bodies even better!

Our studio has always been about more than just exercise for exercise sake and counting of repetitions. Often in class things are shared about the body and/or the mind and we all leave better informed than when we arrived! So it is with this in mind that I am adding a new section to our website - the HealthZine Zone where information and insights gained can be shared, along with videos and voice recordings. If there is anything in particular you would like to see included please let me know.

The studio officially reopens for the next term on Monday 29th April through to Friday 24th May making it a rather short term, but as the writer Robin Sharma said "Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results." Which is what we see each and every time you come into class and makes our job so worthwhile!

So thank you!

The booking forms and information about the 1 day course in the Emmett Technique, which will be run by neurophysiotherapist Agnies and Suzanne, are in the studio so please contact them direct if you wish to book. The course is suitable for everyone so colleagues, family and friends outside of the studio are very welcome.

Thank you for being such wonderful people to work with, I feel very lucky each time I drive over to class :)

Looking forward to seeing you very soon and have a wonderful, sunny Easter.

Caron xxxx

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