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Spring, Synergy and the Sun !

Hello Pilates friends !

A little bird has told me that spring is just around the corner and I have some exciting news and events to share.

Firstly ,we have had two wonderful new teachers that have joined our team -Sarah and Julie.

They both received their in-depth training at Body Control Pilates and when you read their biographies on the Teachers section in our website, you will see how they are both passionate and devoted about this incredible method that offers so many possibilities for change. I am sure that you will welcome them both and be touched by their enthusiasm and knowledge!

As you know we are a studio about empowering health, both physical and mental and we also believe strongly in giving our clients the tools to look after themselves whist away from the studio.

With that in mind I am really thrilled to announce a new one day course that we are running at the Aspley Guise Studio on Saturday, May 11th, 9:30a.m to 5p.m. This is to be run and taught by Agnieszka Kubalica, an amazing Neurological Physiotherapist and Suzanne Arnold, an equally amazing remedial massage therapist.

If you would like to improve your mobility, release muscle stiffness and tightness, (e.g. stiff necks, shoulder problems) alleviate pain, (e.g. lower back), increase your activity levels and change your posture, this is the course for you!

The techniques you will be taught are part of the EMMETT technique and both Agnies and Suzanne are fully qualified, advanced practitioners in the method. You will learn from them straight forward, easy techniques which you can use on yourself (and others) starting at the feet and working through 11 different levels of the body upto to the head and neck. To help consolidate your learning from the day and to keep the positive changes the technique brings, you will also be given a comprehensive guide manual and a DVD to take home. The results are usually immediate and you will see and feel the results in yourself and others! Both Louisa & I have done the course twice and it is wonderful!

I will put the full details in a separate post and will leave some information out at the studio on Monday. Places will be limited so if you are interested I suggest booking your place quickly.

The dates for the following term are as follows:

The studio closes for Easter on Friday 12th April and officially reopens Thursday 25th April. There are some extra sessions during this period and the details are listed in the studio for those who want to attend/have already signed up. The Spring term will run through until Friday 24th May. Please check with your teacher how many weeks your term is, as due to the bank holidays etc different class days days have different term lengths.

To help with that all important Pilates practice over the holidays, Louisa has started a YouTube playlist, which consists of short sequences from 15 to 20 mins which will help keep you long and strong until your next class!! Please check out her videos at Louisa Harris at the Pilates Workshop. We also have more ideas in the pipeline!

Finally, the Sun!.... Not only the physical bright yellow ball, shining in the sky, giving us long awaited warmth and brightness, but the Sun newspaper! I never thought that I would be asked to attend a day's photo shoot in London and appear in the Sun newspaper but last month I was! The Sun wanted to bring to the public's attention heart failure in women, and asked three lovely, strong and resilient ladies along with myself, who are living daily with different types of heart failure, to share our stories and journeys. So at my ripe age, I appeared in the Sun; we were all thoroughly spoilt with hair, makeup and personal dressers, picked up and delivered home by a chauffeur and fed and watered all day! Such a treat aside, I was delighted to be asked to help to spread awareness of women and heart diseases as it is often so poorly understood and treated in women. It is also so heartening (excuse the pun!) and with gratefulness that a negative can be turned round into many positives, especially when it goes on to help others. Read the article HERE!

I think that is it for now news wise but as always I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you, our wonderful friends , who are what makes our Pilates studio the special place it is.

Wishing you all a happy spring, with lots of synergy and sparkling sun! With love,

Caron xxx

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