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Summer Lovin'

Hi Pilates friends,

We all have our favourite time of year and Summer is definitely mine! The bright early mornings & the long light evenings, the scent of jasmine, lavender and pine.

A time to recharge and spend more time with family and friends. I drink it in as much as I can to strengthen and fortify me for the rest of the year.

During the long summer break, especially if you are having a busy summer, children off school, caring for grandchildren, a change in your routine etc, taking a little time aside for yourself can seem challenging, if not impossible! If you are unable to get to a summer Pilates class, even 5-10 minutes on your mat at home is beneficial - you can strengthen those underworked muscles, stretch those overworked ones and quiet or energise the mind by simply just focusing on your breath. A small amount of time for giving some TLC to your body & mind.

Even if you can't find time to say hello to your Pilates mat, remember that each time you are outside and engaging with nature, be it in your garden, walking in a park, a forrest, in the hills or along a beach, it's all great. You are reviving and nourishing the body through movement - and ALL movement is good plus you are breathing in those phytoncytes, which for the homeostasis of our minds and bodies works on such a positive level (more of that to come in the Healthzine zone !).

Being outside you are also getting vitamin D from the sunshine which is so important for our whole body and, when we live in the northern hemisphere and sunlight is restricted, we need to bank it as much possible for the coming winter months ahead. And no matter what you are doing outdoors be it hiking, swimming, walking or gardening you can utilize your Pilates principles ......breathing, posture and alignment so you are using these for a wonderful workout for your body and your mind.

Studio dates

The Aspley Guise studio reopens for the new term for group classes on September 2nd with slightly different term lengths for some classes so please see below. Private sessions are continuing throughout the summer at the Giffard Park studio.

Monday group classes 9th September to 21st October -7 week term

Tuesday AM group classes 3rd September to 22nd October - 8 week term

Tuesday PM group classes 10th September to 15th October - 6 week term

Wednesday group classes 4th September to 23rd October - 8 week term

Thursday group classes 5th September to 24th October - 8 week term

Friday group classes 6th September to 25th October - 8 week term

Group classes at the Giffard Park studio recommence Monday 1st September.

Can you please email me only if you are not returning next term by August 1st - so that we can offer your space to someone else ASAP.  Of course we do hope that you are returning!  Each term we get to know you and your body more and would VERY MUCH miss you on the mat!

**** There are some new additions to the timetable and workshops coming up which I will tell you about in a separate post!

In the meanwhile Pilates friends, have the most amazing summer whatever you are doing!

Sending love and sunny thoughts your way,

Caron xxxx

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