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Free workshop!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The Emmett Technique is widely recognised as a muscle release therapy which is gentle and safe and, at the same time, creates a deep and effective change in the body - often instantly.

These techniques are used by practitioners working with patients for many different reasons (please see the quote below from Dr. Liz Garthwaite) and are also taught to anyone who wishes to be more involved in their own wellbeing.  No anatomical knowledge is required!

"I came to know the Emmett Technique almost by accident as an EMM-Tech day had been organised by my Body Control Pilates teacher. I had not researched it (unlike me) and on the day was ‘blown away’ ... As a Chronic Pain Management Specialist Doctor I perform many, many injections, including acupuncture. Since learning Emmett I am using it with as many patients as I can ...The increased range of movement and the pain relief they achieve is amazing."

This free workshop is to introduce you to the Technique; to do some demonstrations and to provide some hands-on treatment (time allowing).

*There is no "signing-up on the night" catch as many free events seem to do!  It is simply a great learning experience for anyone wishing to know more.

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